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Terms and Conditions

I Ricambi della Vespa, with legal head office in 2/i G.Querzoli Road, – 47121 Forlì, enrolled in the Registry of Businesses of Forlì-Cesena (n. MZZMRC79D24D705J) – VAT number IVA 03837380405, is www.ricambi-vespa.it, website’s holder, called "I Ricambi della Vespa" e-Shop.

Acceptance of general sales conditions

1. The contract between I Ricambi della Vespa and the Customer is meant to be concluded with the acceptance of the order by I Ricambi della Vespa. Such an acceptance is intended to be implicit, unless specified in other ways to the customer. Placing an order, the Customer declares he/she has looked over all of the information provided in the purchase procedure and accepted all the general conditions described hereafter, payment included.

2. If the Customer is a consumer (that is a natural person who purchases goods for purposes which do not relate to his/her own professional activity), he/she will have to print or save these general sales conditions, once carried out the online purchase procedure, in compliance with Art. 3 and 4 of Decree 185/1999 about online contracts.

3. The lack of acceptance, even partial, of an order, causes any Customer’s rights exclusion from compensatory damages or refund, and also from any kinds of contractual or extra-contractual responsibility about direct or indirect damages to people and objects.

Purchase procedure

4. The Customer can only purchase the products shown by I Ricambi della Vespa in the website for online purchases at the time when the order is submitted, as products are described in their information files. The picture in the information files is only representative of the product and could differ about colours and size. All of the information about the purchase (glossary, suggested uses, etc.) are to be intended as general information material and not necessarily referred to the real characteristics of a single item.

5. The correct order placing will be confirmed by I Ricambi della Vespa through an email sent to the email address notified by the Customer in the order procedure. Such confirmation will include the date and the time of the placed order and an “order number” to use as a reference in any further communications with I Ricambi della Vespa about that order. The confirmation email will report all the data provided by the Customer, who must check their correctness and promptly notify any corrections, according to the procedures described in this document.

6. If I Ricambi della Vespa can’t accept an order, the Customer will be promptly informed.

Payment methods

7. The Customer can pay using Paypal, a bank transfer or with cash on delivery. In case of cash on delivery, the exact amount of money will have to be handed (with cash only) to the freight forwarder who will carry out the shipping (bank and cashier’s checks will not be accepted and no change will be given). The freight forwarder in charge is SDA (Italian Post). Nothing will be given to the customer beyond what specified in the ord Transaction safety


You can purchase on "I Ricambi della Vespa" e-Shop in total safety, with payment systems ensured by the highest technological standards and with the complete privacy of your personal data.

I Ricambi della Vespa can’t get to know sensitive data used by customers to carry out online transactions in "I Ricambi della Vespa" website.

Delivery costs and methods

8. I Ricambi della Vespa accepts orders with shipping to Italian territories only.

9. I Ricambi della Vespa issues invoices or purchase receipt for each order placed, sent via email to the order’s header, complying with Art. 14 D.P.R. 445/2000 and D.L. 52/2004. As for the invoice issue, information provided by the Customer during the order placing is the only one taken into account. No changes about the invoice data will be possible after its issue.

10. Shipping costs are charged to the Customer, except for some special conditions, clearly highlighted upon order placing. Nothing more is due in respect to the order total.

11. No responsibility can be given to I Ricambi della Vespa in case of delay in the order processing and delivery.

12. When the order is delivered by the freight forwarder, the Customer has to check that the number of parcels corresponds to the ones declared in the shipping document, that the packaging is intact, undamaged and unchanged, also in wrapping materials (for example, adhesive tape). In case of damages to the packaging and/or to the product, or in case of lack of correspondence between the number of parcels or of information, the Customer has to claim immediately, putting a written goods unchecked note on the delivery document. Once the Customer has signed the delivery document, he/she won’t be able to oppose any notifications about the outer features of the delivered goods. In case of problems about material intactness, correspondence or completeness of delivered products, they have to be reported within 7 days from the delivery date, according to the procedures shown in this document.

13. In case goods are not picked up for 5 working days in the freight forwarder’s warehouse because of a repeated impossibility of delivery at the address shown by the Customer in the order, such order will be automatically cancelled.

Right of withdrawal

14. Complying with art. 5 Decree 185/1999, if the Customer is a consumer (that is a natural person who purchases goods for purposes which do not relate to his/her own professional activity), that is if he/she doesn’t place the order providing a VAT number, he/she is entitled to withdraw from the purchase for any reasons, without any needs to give explanations and without any penalties, except for what is specified below, in point 16.

15. The Customer will have to send a communication to I Ricambi della Vespa to exert this right, within 10 working days from the delivery of the goods. Such a claim will have to be sent with a registered letter with a delivery receipt, addressed to:

I Ricambi della Vespa
Via G. Querzoli , 2/i
47121 - Forlì (FC)

or with a telegram or a fax always sent with the term of 10 days and followed by a confirmation with a registered letter with a delivery receipt, peremptorily sent within the next 48 hours. Once the withdrawal communication is received, I Ricambi della Vespa will quickly communicate the instructions to the Customer about the procedure about the goods return. Goods will have to be returned to I Ricambi della Vespa within 10 days from the authorization.

16. However, the right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:

  • The right shall only apply to the whole purchased item; it is not possible to withdraw from a part of the purchased product (ex. accessories);
  • The purchased goods has to be intact and returned in their original packaging, complete in all their parts, (packaging and documentation included));
  • Complying with law, shipping costs linked to the goods return are in charge of the Customer;

Shipping, until certification of the return to our warehouse is under the Customer’s whole responsibility.; in case of damages of goods during the transportation, I Ricambi della Vespa will notify the Customer about it (within 5 working days from the goods return to its warehouses), to let him/her claim against the chosen freight forwarder and be refunded (if insured); in this case, the product will be available for the Customer for return, simultaneously annulling the withdrawal request.

I Ricambi della Vespa is not responsible for damages, thefts or loss of goods returned with uninsured shipments. When the product arrives at the warehouse, it will be inspected to evaluate any damages or tampering which were not caused by transportation. If the original packaging and/or the parcel are damaged, I Ricambi della Vespa will deduct a percentage form the due refund, always inferior to 10% of the refund value, as a compensation for restoration costs

17. Except for some charges for restoring damages caused to the original packaging, I Ricambi della Vespa will refund the Customer the full amount of money already paid, within 14 days from the goods return, through a refund of the given amount of money. In this latter case, the Customer must promptly provide his/her bank data to get a refund (ABI-CAB Codes of the order’s header)

18. The withdrawal right is totally cancelled if the prerequisite of the goods intactness is missing (packaging and/or its content), in al the cases where I Ricambi della Vespa verifies that:

  • The original internal packaging and/or external packaging are missing;
  • Accessory product components are missing (accessories,handbooks, parts..) ;
  • The product damage does not depend on transportation.Nel caso di decadenza del diritto di recesso, I Ricambi della Vespa provvederà a restituire al mittente il bene acquistato, addebitando allo stesso le spese di spedizione.

In case the withdrawal right is cancelled, I Ricambi della Vespa will return the purchased goods to the Customer, charging him/her for shipping costs.


19. Complying with art. 128 and Decree 6th September 2005 n. 206, there is a 24-month warranty for private Customers, while there is a 12-month warranty for purchases placed by professionals with VAT numbers.

Such a warranty can be applied to products with lack of compliance, if the product has been used in the correct way, according to its purpose use and to what is reported in the attached technical files. Parts subject to wear and tear are warranty-free.

Warranties do not apply to products which have been tampered, taken to pieces or fitted for uses different from the product features or according to the manufacturer’s parameters. In case assistance is needed under warranty, but without the product original intactness, I Ricambi della Vespa reserves the right to analyze the product before changing or fixing it.
Replacements in case of non-working on delivery products only happen if they are explicitly stated by the manufacturer. The period for the product change or fixing depend exclusively from the manufacturer’s policy. No damages can be charged to I Ricambi della Vespa for possible delays about changes or fixing up.

It is necessary to log in with your personal data to get assistance in the Customer area in the www.ricambi-vespa.it website, clicking on Assistance. Then, it is possible to select the chosen item to ask for assistance and contact I Ricambi Della Vespa’s staff. Any non-authorized goods arrival will be peremptorily declined.

When the warranty calls for the product return, the item has to be returned by the Customer in its original parcel, with all its parts, (including packaging, documentation and accessories such as handbooks); we recommend to put the item in a secon parcel to limit further damages, avoiding to use labels and adhesive tape on the original parcel. The lack of the original packaging means that the product is not complete and this will not allow the change or the fixing up of the same item.

In case of lack of compliance, I Ricambi della Vespa provides for the compliance restoration of the product (without any additional charges for the Customer) through fixing or change or price reduction, for the contract resolution. In case the flaw is not caused by a lack of compliance, after a check made by an Authorized Assistance Center (complying with Decree 24/02) the Customer will be charged with the check and restoration costs requested by the Authorized Assistance Center and with the transportation costs, if paid by I Ricambi della Vespa.

If, for any reasons, it isn’t possible to return a product under warranty to the Customer (restored or replaced), I Ricambi della Vespa will be able to suggest the return of the total amount of money paid by the Customer or, at its own discretion, the replacement with a product with same or superior characteristics.


20. All claims must be addressed to I Ricambi della Vespa - Via G.Querzoli, 2/i - 47121 Forlì (FC).

Applicable law

21. The sales contract between the Customer and I Ricambi della Vespa is meant to be concluded in italy and regulated by the Italian law. As for civil and legal disputes deriving from this distance contract, if the Customer is a consumer (that is a natural person who purchases goods for purposes which do not relate to his/her own professional activity, if he/she doesn’t place the order providing a VAT number), the local jurisdiction is the one of the court of his/her residence; in all the other cases, the local jurisdiction is exclusively the court in Forlì.