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Useful tips for putting a wasp back on the road

Useful tips for putting a wasp back on the road

Here are some simple steps to simplify your "life"

Putting a Vespa back on the road can become a complex operation: here is a guide on how to do it.

  • Put your Vespa 50 back on the road
  • Regulate a Vespa with a higher displacement
  • Rewrite an ex officio Vespa deregistered with the PRA

Put your Vespa 50 back on the road

Giving new life to a glorious Vespa can be a frustrating operation: this is not the case with the Vespa 50 . For mopeds, i.e. for those vehicles whose engine capacity does not exceed 50 cc, the procedure for putting them back on the road is decidedly more streamlined. In the event that the Vespa 50 is purchased, it is always advisable to obtain a declaration from the seller that covers your back in case of problems.

If the Vespa 50 is already owned by you, but you no longer have the booklet , you will have to go to the Carabinieri or the Police and report the loss. Once this is done, you can request the test at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of your province: after paying the two bulletins (for a cost of 40 euros), you can apply for the provisional driving permit and then pay the road tax and insurance. When you are called for testing, and your Vespa 50 passes the inspection, you will have the new booklet and you will be completely in order.

Regulate a Vespa with a higher displacement

Things get more difficult when it comes to regulating a Vespa with a higher displacement , therefore belonging to the category of motorcycles.

The underlying factor is the period of immobility of the Vespa: if the vehicle has been stationary for less than 3 consecutive years , then you can get by by paying the arrears of the property tax (stamp duty), without further surcharges. Once you have paid the road tax, which is not mandatory to show on the vehicle, you can get back on the road following the current rules of the road code: that is, the possession of a vehicle registration certificate, the stamp for payment of the stamp, the driving license and the documents that certify the revision occurred.

Rewrite an ex officio Vespa deregistered with the PRA

This is the most complex case. If your Vespa has been standing still for 3 consecutive years (excluding the current year), it will not be enough to pay the overdue property taxes to get it back on the road. After 3 years of unpaid stamps, in fact, the PRA (Public Automobile Registry) will subject your Vespa to the official radiation: from that moment on, the vehicle will not be able to circulate or be sold. This is a procedure that exempts mopeds, as they are not registered in the Register: only Vespas with a displacement greater than 50 cc will suffer the consequences. In any case, re-registration with the PRA is only allowed for historic vehicles (which are at least 20 years old) and upon payment of 50% of the last 3 stamps.

To be readmitted to the PRA , the Vespa must first of all be in excellent condition and restored following the style and colors of the original model, or a model of the same line: the work must be done by a certified mechanic.

In order to be recognized as a historic vehicle , in addition to having to be at least 20 years old, the Vespa must be registered with the FMI Historical Register or with ASI: this procedure, in turn, implies a previous registration in a member club of one of the two. . Once this is done, you can proceed with the request for re-registration of the vehicle with the PRA, to be made strictly at the provincial headquarters of the ACI-PRA of your residence.

The re-registration form must attach the following documents:

  • copy overdue payments plus taxes
  • copy of the registration document in a Historical Register
  • vehicle registration document
  • original complementary sheet
  • title of ownership.

In case of non-possession of the supplementary sheet , the loss report must be attached in its place. If, on the other hand, the booklet has been lost, you will have to test the Vespa again and include in the re-registration form the report of loss of the registration document: once you have obtained the new booklet, it must be presented to the ACI-PRA headquarters.

Once this is done, the Vespa will be readmitted to the PRA and will be able to circulate again. If the Vespa is purchased, make sure that the seller is also the owner of the vehicle registered with the PRA, so that you can issue a sales document with an authenticated signature and avoid problems.