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On the Road trip in Tuscany on a Vespa

On the Road trip in Tuscany on a Vespa

The most suitable Vespa saddles for a trip out of town

Would you like to leave for Tuscany with your beloved two-wheeler but you don't know how to choose between Vespa saddles? In this article you will find:

  • Brief introduction to the Tuscan itineraries
  • How to choose the right saddle

Tuscany: the promised land of On the Road travel

Tuscany is the promised land of road travel lovers. Its countryside and historic villages are the perfect setting to set a fantastic holiday on your Vespa 50 Special . From North to South, from East to West, every patch of this splendid region offers picturesque and unexpected landscape views, surprising in some places, capable of leaving even the most hardened traveler speechless. Let yourself be guided by its sinuous streets that tangle up and down the Florentine hills, lose yourself in the immensity of the Sienese countryside and stop to admire the villages of the Arezzo area. If you are lucky enough to choose the one that best suits you, among the many Vespa saddles available on the market, the trip will be unforgettable.

The ideal starting point for visiting Tuscany can be Florence , its capital, one of the most important cities of art in the world. Get on your Vespa and travel along the Lungarno , skirt the old city and climb to the top of one of the city's hills to admire its beauty from above: you will be breathless to see how Florence looks even more majestic and imposing, especially at sunset. , when the warm and soft light envelops it, creating splendid suggestions of shadows and lights.

Leaving Florence behind you, head south, leave the main roads and take the Provincial Road 56 which will lead you to the marvelous suggestions of Chianti , a sub region with a great winemaking tradition, where you can taste some of the most famous wine productions of our country. Stop in Greve in Chianti , a tiny village of a few souls with an ancient essence and admire the sweet Florentine countryside that soon joins the Sienese countryside in a riot of hills and crops.

From Greve in Chianti, proceed towards San Gimignano : the route is not short, it will take several hours to reach the Sienese medieval center famous for its towers, but the journey will be worth the effort. You will pass through beautiful rural areas and delightful countryside villages, where you will not miss the opportunity to stop to delight the palate and exchange a few words with the locals, famous for their talkativeness and hospitality. You will recognize San Gimignano from afar thanks to its crenellated profile , made of tall towers that rise above the ancient houses and of the village that has been able to resist riots and earthquakes, reaching almost intact up to us.

San Gimignano is a must on an itinerary in Tuscany: from here, aboard your beloved Vespa, you can decide whether to continue towards Siena or Volterra . The latter would certainly deserve a stop, but it is a matter of lengthening the itinerary by several kilometers, the most daring and those who have no time problems cannot undoubtedly miss the visit of this Sienese town that has attracted artists and intellectuals from all over the world. Then, there is Monteriggioni and its characteristic circular plan, San Quirico d'Orcia with Bagno Vignoni and the amazing spa square: a town immersed in the tranquility of the Val d'Orcia, characteristic for its cypresses and rolling countryside. With your jewel, equipped with the best of the Vespa saddles, you will cross Tuscany and would like to repeat the journey another 100 times.

Choosing the right saddle

As mentioned several times in the article, it is essential to identify the Vespa 50 Special saddles that best suits your travel needs. Between classic and modern saddles, what counts above all is comfort : nostalgics will not be able to do without the classic model, the two-seater on which to squeeze in two to enjoy the fantastic Tuscan excursion, but those who choose to take a solo trip on board of his vespa, he can opt for a Polini- type model, with a Vintage taste and a never-dead charm, or on the very classic saddle in leather with a spring bottom , an evergreen for the most nostalgic.

Those who want to customize their Vespa, without sacrificing comfort, have a wide range of saddles available in many different colors and materials , among which it is impossible not to find the perfect Vespa saddle.