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How to protect yourself from the cold on a Vespa

How to protect yourself from the cold on a Vespa

Technical equipment and useful advice.

Regardless of the season and the temperatures, there are those who need to move daily by motorcycle to speed up journeys even in a state of intense traffic. In winter, however, moving in this way exposes the driver to bad weather , so it becomes essential to find suitable accessories that allow you to adequately protect yourself from the cold on your Vespa. On the market there is a specific technical clothing for wasp that meets all these specific needs, making movement easy and protected.

Winter clothing and technical clothing for Vespa

An excellent and complete winter Vespa clothing must include at least : athermoplastic helmet , breathable but waterproof gloves, grip covers, a neck warmer, a lumbar belt, a leg cover. For particularly long journeys that expose the driver to the cold for a longer time, the following may also be particularly useful: aviator goggles, a water-repellent bag and a complete set of waterproof jacket and trousers

All these accessories and clothing items are used to avoid direct cold and the consequences of the latter on the body, so they are necessary for:

  • Reduce the direct impact with the wind ;
  • Avoid getting cold air under normal clothes;
  • Limit the exposure of the upper airways to physical and chemical agents that can undermine a state of good health;
  • Maintain a constant body temperature despite the protruding cold;
  • Protect the skin from dryness and dehydration caused by direct cold;
  • Protect from winter weather without weighing down the driver.

Only those who are used to getting around on a daily basis, both in the city and on the road, on a Vespa or a larger displacement motorcycle, are perfectly aware of the importance of adequately protecting themselves from the cold. It is known, in fact, that the cold lowers the immune defenses and predisposes to seasonal viral influences, allergies and common colds, for this reason a Vespa technical clothing, as well as the use of protective accessories, becomes essential to make the movements on the bike. In addition to protection, these garments also guarantee waterproofness and lightness , two characteristics that cannot be ignored when traveling on a Vespa.

All the advantages of Vespa winter clothing

During a trip on a Vespa, the first parts of the body to be cut in the race by the freezing cold are the hands . Precisely for this reason it is very important to use professional gloves , useful for keeping your hands warm and at the same time preventing the wind from entering. The most useful gloves are undoubtedly the breathable but waterproof ones , which allow not to create moisture in the hand, without letting cold and water in. Alternatively, leather gloves with waterproof glove covers can also be used. Given the continuous use of smartphones, the latest generation Vespa gloves are also all compatible with the use of the touch screen . Likewise, the grip covers , in neoprene or nylon, allow to offer further protection to the hands, thermally insulating them from the cold and remaining impermeable to any rain.

But also the neck is enormously exposed to the cold , regardless of the use of scarves or turtlenecks, so the use of a professional neck warmer becomes very important. It is a structure lined internally with fleece in order to keep this delicate area of the body warm and with waterproof windproof material externally. Stretching up to the shoulders, it also prevents the entry of cold air through small drafts.

In the impact with the cold wind at speed, the legs are no less exposed , for this reason a leg cover becomes useful to limit the infiltration of air while running, through jeans or trousers or worse still of rain water. Waterproof on the outside and warm on the inside, this sheet allows you to avoid cold, wind and rain even when using the Vespa in bad weather, thanks to its characteristic of being created by three layers, one waterproof, one insulating, one thermal . Finally, the lumbar belt allows you to keep the delicate lumbar area warm and protected, very often the subject of cold back pain ; ergonomic and adjustable, it is breathable to avoid the accumulation of humidity and sweat while traveling.