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How to choose a Vespa saddle for comfortable travel

How to choose a Vespa saddle for comfortable travel

Useful tips

Choosing the right Vespa saddle is essential to stay comfortable, even during long journeys.

  • How to choose a saddle to travel comfortably
  • The shape of the saddle and the springs
  • Modify the original Vespa saddle

How to choose a saddle to travel comfortably

When traveling on a Vespa, comfort is a very important factor, especially when you are facing long and tiring journeys. Having a comfortable, ergonomic saddle made of quality materials ( such as the Vespa leather saddle) will be essential to enjoy the journey without experiencing discomfort or pain. And to avoid uncomfortable pelvic and back problems, which could lead to worse consequences.

Choosing the best saddle is less simple than you might think: in fact, there is no a priori comfortable saddle. It all depends on the needs, the physique and a series of characteristics that must be evaluated in case you decide to replace the original Vespa saddle. In any case, whether you decide to replace it or modify it, there are a series of tricks to use to make the Vespa saddle suitable for the most demanding journeys.

The shape of the saddle and the springs

There are a number of factors that can help you choose the best saddle, and they greatly depend on the load that certain areas of the body are forced to bear when traveling on a Vespa.

The first thing to take into consideration concerns the shape of the saddle: the original Vespa saddle is theoretically designed to guarantee the driver maximum comfort on board the motorcycle, but it has several problems of inconvenience due to the internal springs, which tend to easily lose elasticity. , or to be too invasive and harsh.

The second element to consider is the ergonomic factor : the saddle must be able to correctly distribute the weight on the horse and pelvis, to prevent the bones and joints from stressing. For this reason, the Vespa must have a saddle that does not overload the front of the body excessively, and that has a good damping factor. In this sense, the springs are not exactly ideal for long journeys on a Vespa: the best choice would be a saddle with a plastic supporting structure and triple padding, even if it would mean giving up an original saddle.
In fact, Piaggio does not produce saddles without springs , and this often leads Vespa enthusiasts to give up on comfort. If, on the other hand, you want to remain faithful to the original, the most comfortable for traveling are the triangular saddles, more comfortable than the classic Vespa hump saddles.

Modify the original Vespa saddle

One way to make the saddle of your Vespa more comfortable, without necessarily buying a new and non-original one, is to make some changes to the padding and springs .

In fact, owners of a Vespa often prefer to keep all the original elements of the Piaggio, without sacrificing the convenience of a modified saddle to face long and tiring journeys. In this sense, replacing the old springs with new ones could solve the problem of comfort: on the market it is possible to find spring kits specially designed for long journeys. To change them you don't necessarily need to go to a professional: in fact, just remove the covers, the padding, remove the old springs and replace them. By doing so, you will also have the opportunity to check the state of the metal frame: the problem of the hardness of the saddle, in fact, could depend on the accumulation of rust.

If, on the other hand, you want to completely eliminate the springs from the saddle of your Vespa, you can remove them and replace them with a rubber or sponge padding, possibly triple. The padding must be changed regardless, since the old one will certainly be worn and, consequently, uncomfortable.

Redo the Vespa seat cover

A further element that influences the comfort of the Vespa saddle is the seat cover . The saddle cover is essential for comfort: the advice is to always have one in leather, and to replace it if it tears with one of the same material. Redoing the cover costs very little , even if the advice is to have it reupholstered by a professional: the expense will be justified both by the aesthetics of the Vespa, and by the comfort in placing the rears on a smooth and comfortable saddle.