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Which muffler to choose for your vespa

Which muffler to choose for your vespa

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The Vespa, patented for the first time in 1946 by the engineer Corradino D'Ascanio , is now considered by everyone, enthusiasts and not, as one of the most important, innovative and historic motorcycle constructions of all time.

The idea on which this piece of true Italian design was born had to fully follow the concepts of economy, simplicity and practicality, which Enrico Piaggio considered of primary importance to create an innovative and original scooter. Thus came to life, from the mind of its designer, a motorcycle with a load-bearing body capable of being exploited for daily use, affordable for everyone, and safe down to the smallest details.

The Piaggio scooter, in its history spanning more than seventy years, has managed to build around it a huge following of enthusiasts and admirers, who have made the passion for the Vespa a real lifestyle. Between rallies, fairs and exhibitions, there is no Vespa rider who does not love to admire this splendid piece of motorcycle engineering, and why not, compare with other enthusiasts to be able to make improvements and elaborations to their little jewels on two wheels.

Obviously, all the original spare parts that every enthusiast could need are available exclusively at the Piaggio Group, precisely to always guarantee a high level of quality and ensure all the natural control processes, useful for providing the high standards that Piaggio has always accustomed to. its customers.


All fans of Vespa engines and scooters know that a well-structured exhaust system that lives up to expectations is of natural and fundamental importance in order to get the most out of their two wheels. The right attention to detail towards the exhaust system , in fact, can make the difference both in terms of performance and longevity of the vehicle, impacting positively on the entire structure of the scooter. The most important component of the whole system is certainly the muffler: essential both to reduce atmospheric pollution , but also to guarantee a more fluid and vigorous functionality, especially in a vehicle like the Vespa, capable of giving wonderful satisfaction if taken care of. in detail.

Obviously, the exhaust system serves to let out the waste elements produced by the operation of the engine, which passing right through the muffler undergo a considerable reduction. Of course, the characteristics of a muffler can vary according to the many needs of the enthusiast, but also and above all to the use that one intends to make of the motorcycle or scooter in question.


As anticipated, the muffler is a fundamental component, especially in two-stroke engines. Going to modify or elaborate this component, therefore, you must always opt for those brands that can provide more guarantees in terms of reliability and performance, such as

  • Polini,
  • Proma,
  • Pinasco,
  • Simonini,
  • VMC,
  • Malossi,
  • Faco.

Modifying the muffler that is , in addition to amplifying the roar of your favorite two-wheeler, also determining the final performance of the whole vehicle. For example, for the Vespa Largeframe the most requested mufflers on the market are the aesthetically original ones, but clearly more open in the internal compartments. The same ones that will make the engine more lively and lively, while maintaining an almost original aesthetic level, a real strong point.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something more performing , without necessarily having to pay attention to originality, there is the exhaust branded by the Polini racing department on the market.

The Evolution for Vespa Primavera and Sprin t, in fact, has been entirely developed directly in track racing, combining maximum performance with maximum aesthetics, for absolutely top-level performance both in terms of acceleration and in terms of full speed. Its design stands out both for its modern shape and for the aluminum and carbon fiber materials of which it is formed, but also for the particular internal conformation of the direct type, capable of allowing high performance both at low and medium. regimes. Obviously these performances are impossible to bring on the road and for this reason the muffler in question is not approved for road use .

In short, if you want to customize your Vespa, there are several possibilities, whether you want to stay faithful to tradition and travel on the road, or if you want to give a more sporty touch and maybe unleash all the power you have inside a track. The solutions, therefore, are many and always in constant evolution, so all that remains is to choose the muffler that is right for us and mount it on your timeless Vespa.