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Travel comfortably with Vespa luggage rack

Travel comfortably with Vespa luggage rack

However, there are many ways to travel

Traveling is one of the most beautiful things in the world, discovering new places, admiring wonders never seen before and above all sharing experiences and moments that will remain etched in the mind. However, there are many ways to travel , some prefer the plane, some the ship, some the car and finally there are those who love to travel on two wheels. In fact, there are many fans of on the road on two wheels, especially those who decide to undertake such a journey aboard their Piaggio Vespa, in full 60's Roman holiday style.

Well, the wasp represents a part of Italian history, and still is a pillar of it. It was one of the most loved means of transport by Italians and not only, and now many use it not only to enjoy a walk in the Bolognese hills, as a famous song quotes, but also for real trips, which in the company of a wasp, whatever it is they change flavor. Traveling on a Vespa is freedom, carefree, adventure and above all passion.

A trip aboard such a vehicle is something special, it takes us back over the years, it makes us feel Italianness even more and then, do we want to put that metallic sound typical of the wasp engine? How many emotions. To tackle a trip on a Vespa, however, we must first adopt some small indications so that we can find ourselves in the best possible way. In fact, the wasp was not designed for traveling and therefore lacks space in particular to put essential things such as clothes and other small items. Precisely for this reason it is essential to use a special luggage rack for the wasp, in order to increase the space available and simplify the journey. Let's find out more about this essential accessory for a vespa trip.

Luggage rack for wasp in general

The world of luggage racks for wasp is very wide, in fact there are different sizes, materials and each one adapts to any need. There are the more practical and comfortable luggage racks, while others sacrifice some of the versatility in favor of a more attractive design.

There are those in aluminum and those in black up to the more colorful and particular ones. There are models of luggage racks for wasp that can be installed both at the front and at the rear of the vehicle and to which a wheel holder or a tank can be added for longer journeys.

In short, there is a wheel holder that adapts to every taste and need. The major manufacturers of luggage racks for wasp are FACO and CUPPINI , which market a huge number of models and styles of luggage racks.

Front or rear luggage rack

The luggage racks for wasp have the possibility of being installed at the front of the vehicle , on the shield so to speak, but also at the rear, just behind the saddle. The choice of position is very important because it could change the driving dynamics and weight balance and also the ease of use. In fact, the roof racks that are installed at the front are much easier to assemble and disassemble if necessary and for this reason they are more recommended for non-temporary use and only in case of need.

However, this type of luggage rack is not suitable for withstanding large volumes of load, both because it would cover the headlight and because it could cause some discomfort in maneuvers and in the stability of the handlebar. It is advisable to install this type of roof rack by means of wing nuts and not with data, for quick and easy disassembly and reassembly.

Speaking instead of the rear ones they are more suitable for more voluminous loads, which does not mean heavy. In fact, even here, if loaded too much weight, it could dangerously lighten the front of the wasp, also given the weight of the engine which is also at the rear, generating dangerous driving. The rear luggage racks are also suitable for fixed use and do not necessarily have to be disassembled and assembled.

Here too, in addition to an aesthetic question, the practicality factor is important.

Luggage rack with spring or fixed flap

Vespa roof racks are also distinguished by their object holding mechanism, a very important factor as you can imagine. In fact, those with the spring flap have the peculiarity of blocking the objects that are inserted inside them without any other aid, ensuring excellent sealing and safety.

This type of luggage rack is certainly very comfortable and greatly facilitates the insertion of the load but in the long run the spring could lose strength and become lighter. It is also not suitable for heavy loads, as the spring exceeded a threshold of kg will no longer be able to block objects.

The fixed ones instead , therefore without a flap with spring, are slightly more uncomfortable because they need the help of elastic cords to secure the load, but on their side they have the advantage that they can accommodate more voluminous and heavier loads, based on the resistance of the belts elastic.

Design or practicality

This is one of the doubts that most afflicts those who intend to buy a luggage rack for the wasp. In fact, you know, a Vespa is very attentive to the aesthetic aspect of his wasp, and would never want something to ruin that elegance and dampen its charm. It is certain that on the market there are roof racks that know how to combine practicality and design but the rule of beauty and impracticality also applies here.

A roof rack that has a beautiful , elegant design and that fits perfectly with the body of the vespa will inevitably have to give up something in terms of space and versatility. A large and very spacious luggage rack will have a slightly more clumsy and anonymous design, but you will gain a lot in versatility.

Here the choice is very subjective and must be made according to your needs and requirements.