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The luggage rack for Vespa

The luggage rack for Vespa

The most loved and most hated accessory.

When a Vespa enthusiast hears about luggage racks for Vespa, part of his rigorous aesthetic sense dies, although the accessory in question fits perfectly into a vintage perspective . In this article we will therefore explain:

  • Why evaluate the luggage rack for your Vespa;
  • The advantages of the luggage rack for Vespa.

Why evaluate the luggage rack for your Vespa

When an accessory becomes "cool"

Yes, we know: when you think about the roof rack mounted on your beloved Vespa and imagine the final result, you try to push the image out of your mind with all your might. That metal, grill-like contraption mounted on the back - or worse yet, never be! on the front mask - it seems to remove all the poetry from the sinuous and biting forms of our steed which, we recall, is one of the most important design pieces of the twentieth century . The right question is therefore not “Why should I mount a luggage rack on my Vespa?”, But “Why shouldn't I?”.

As trivial as it may seem, a luggage rack is - in our humble opinion - much more faithful to aesthetics than a top case is. Although obviously, having similar functions, the two accessories do not meet the same needs.

The advantages of the luggage rack for Vespa

The reasons why you will reevaluate it

For starters, the roof rack has come before the trunk . It is part of that category of practical and “hasty” accessories , without much concept behind them, which were born from simple and humble needs. In fact, when the Vespa began to spread, many began to use it not only as a private means of transport, but also as a means of work. The need was therefore to find an easy-to-use support that would also allow a certain capacity in terms of goods to be transported without running the risk of an imbalance; secondly, the luggage rack, with its empty lines, gives a much lighter overall image than a top box which, on the contrary, weighs down the entire silhouette of our Vespa. Obviously if you are a lover of true vintage it will be impossible for you to evaluate the second option instead of the first; third, a roof rack is much more versatile: even if it does not guarantee protection from atmospheric agents, it allows the transport of larger objects and greater stability .

If we have convinced you, you can find all the roof racks you want on our online store .